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Please note that at any time you can have maximum 25,000 paheli coins. After that your score won't increase. You have to use your paheli coins in the Lucky Draw.

How do I know that I have won any contest?
We will inform you by email, plus a complete list of winners is provided on the winners page and is updated on a regular basis.

What is Paheli Coins?
Paheli Coins are reward for your participation in any of the Contest/Game. Each contest/game has its Coin policy which is specified in the contest/game itself.

What should I do with Paheli Coins?
You can buy Raffle tickets and can participate in the Raffle(lucky draw). You can't redeem you Paheli Coins.

How do I change my user profile?
If you want to update any of your information then please click on Edit Profile link and your new profile will be updated instantly.

My name appears on the winner's page, but I have not yet received my prize, what do I do?
You will get your prize within 2 weeks but if you don't then just let us know, please email your specific complaint to the winner@paheli.com and we will be sure to take appropriate action.

How the WINNER is selected?
Winner is declared automatically. It is selected by our Cgi-scripts. One has to answer the question correctly to be eligible for the winner.

Who can participate in the contests?
Anybody can participate in the contests but currently we send prize only in India so if you reside elsewhere then give us an india address and we will ensure that it reaches safely.

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